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Decompiler v.2

(Jul '20) Major update of EVM decompiler, showcased at

Technology Focus

(Dec '19) Currently scaling down our audit business to focus on technology- and infrastructure-building.

Ethereum Foundation Bounty

(Oct '19) Received $5K from the Ethereum Foundation for our analysis of the gas impact of EIP-1884, documented in our Medium article and in the security considerations discussions summary.


(Oct '19) Finished smart contract audit (1st round) for CryptoDaily's upcoming crowdsale.


(Sep '19) Finished smart contract audit for Blocktopus.


Dedaub Services

Blockchain Solutions

Contract Library is our ongoing free service and technology demo: the most thorough decompiler for contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, coupled with automated scans for common vulnerabilities.


Blockchain Development Consulting

Consulting services for smart contract development, with emphasis on evolution, recovery, and remediation support. Let us enhance your contract with forward-looking functionality.

Full Stack Consulting

We help you build successful applications that interact with the blockchain.


Smart Contract Security Audits

We can help you deploy smart contracts with confidence.
Set apart by top research, proprietary vulnerability analysis technology, and world-leading software security expertise.


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