Is your project safe from hackers?

Dedaub offers significant security expertise, combined with leading  program analysis technology to secure your blockchain projects. Our technology offers most of the practical advantages of formal verification, without many of its burdens, enabling more thorough security audits.

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May 2021

We were commissioned by the Ethereum Foundation to do a study of the impact of EIP-3074 (AUTH and AUTHCALL) on existing contracts. The impact is non-negligible, but manageable: we believe that it mostly affects code that should change anyway.

Mar 2021

Yield Farming Vulnerabilities

Received bug bounties from Vesper Finance and BT Finance for vulnerability disclosures. Read about the common pattern and its analysis.

Mar 2021

War Rooming

"Inside the War Room That Saved Primitive Finance": the followup operation of our vulnerability disclosure.

Mar 2021

Proud to receive the generous, first-ever R bounty / Founders bounty "for disclosing a vulnerability worth over $1M".

Feb 2021

Reported a critical vulnerability to Primitive Finance, through Immunefi, saving users over $1.2m (and potentially even more than $10m). More stories about that soon...

Feb 2021

Killing a bad bot

A vulnerable bot was controlling some $80K. We killed it, saving the funds of its owner(s).

Feb 2021

DeFlast Vulnerability

Reported critical vulnerability to Dinngo/DeFlast team leading to their rescue of all threatened funds

Jan 2021

DeFi Saver Bounty

Reported critical vulnerability to DeFi Saver team which would have allowed hackers to steal over $3.5m. Vulnerability was originally flagged by one of our tools.

Oct 2019

Ethereum Foundation Bounty

Received 37 ETH from the Ethereum Foundation for our analysis of the gas impact of EIP-1884, documented in our Medium article and in the security considerations discussions summary.

Our Services


Smart Contract
Security Audits

We can help you deploy smart contracts with confidence.
Set apart by top research, proprietary vulnerability analysis technology, and world-leading software security expertise.


Contract Library is our ongoing free service and technology demo: the most thorough decompiler for contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, coupled with automated scans for common vulnerabilities.


Blockchain Development Consulting

Consulting services for smart contract development, with emphasis on evolution, recovery, and remediation support. Let us enhance your contract with forward-looking functionality.